Friday, July 27, 2012

Uses And Types of Tulips

Tulips are one of the most beautiful, elegant and graceful flowers with more than 3000 different species. They come in a variety of colors ranging from yellow, orange, pink, red, white, cream, purple and even black. They come from many countries from Southern Europe to North Africa, Iran and North West China. Originally from Persia and Turkey, they are one of the easiest flowers to grow.

Indeed, they are usually the first flowers to bloom every year around the spring and can survive through the summer climates as well. The tulip flower is recognized by the head or star-shaped flowers with six petals.

The tulip flower is the symbol of fame and true love, but with every color of the flower changes its meaning. Red tulips mean "believe me", while cream tulips mean "I will always love you." White tulips represent heaven, purity and forgiveness, and purple tulips represent royalty.

Pink tulips signify affection and care, yellow tulips for happy thoughts and orange tulips represent enthusiasm, energy, desire and passion. During the Ottoman Empire, the tulip flower was much admired and seen as a symbol of abundance and indulgence for any reason they called their richest era of the Tulip era.

Tulips, there are a large number of varieties, for whatever reason they are in a different categories according to the nature of the flower. The Single is early on the first type, and these flowers are the first to bloom with the flower in the shape of a cup. The Double Early the second kind and they have more petals than normal tulip. Triumph tulips bloom in the middle of spring and are perfect for growing inside. Darwin Hybrid tulips also bloom mid-spring and are one of the highest forms of tulips and flowering in a pyramid shape. Single late tulips bloom in an oval shape and are ideal for gardening. The Fringed tulips are long flowering and is distinguished by the petals with crystal-shaped fringes. Viridiflora is another common form of tulip and is recognized by the petals that are partially green. Lily tulips are flowers with thin petals pointing her out in the parable of the lily flower. Each type has its own set of tulip colors in which it thrives in.

Like many other flowers of the tulip flower is popularly used to make beautiful flower arrangements and as a great gift to send as a surprise for your loved ones to serve. Tulips are the most popularly used as wedding flowers in the form of table decorations, bridal bouquets and general decoration. When used for gardening purposes, tulips can really brighten up the space with its array of beautiful colors. Tulip bulbs are edible and are a good substitute for onions during cooking. Tulip bulbs in a dry powder can be added to flour and cereal products. Tulip flowers are also edible and widely used to color and texture to be added to salads. Tulips were used for inspirational purposes as far back as the 13th century by many Persian poets.

With its beautiful colors, great variety and multi-base uses the tulip flower shows that tulips are a very special and unique shape of the flower.


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  2. Oh, so lovely tulips. :) My boy send flowers to me and usually it are tulips.

  3. According to sources I have read, tulip bulbs are, indeed, edible but the outer skin needs to be removed (like an onion) and you *must* remove the inner yellow part which is the flower as it is poisonous. Also, eating too many (4+) tulip bulbs can cause indigestion and some people are allergic to tulips. However, folks lived off of them during WWII so, while not anyone's favorite -- you can survive off it if needed.

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